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Featured student: Lauren "Lo" H

Name: Lauren "Lo" H
School: Marquette University
Hometown: Fort Wayne, IN
Major: Public Relations
Minor: Writing Intensive English and Sociology
When did you know you wanted to come to Marquette?
The short version is - The moment I stepped onto Marquette’s campus I immediately saw myself going to this university. My mom was absolutely right, Marquette was the college for me. On paper it had everything I wanted: 1. Location (I didn’t want to go to a school in Indiana) 2. Strong reputation 3. Great communications college and PR program 4. Well connected alumni family (I wanted to be sure that when I left college I wasn’t going to feel alone in the world, but well connected to others and bound by our college ties) 5. Freshmen were valued ( I didn’t want to wait forever to dive into my major classes by the time I was a junior and I wanted to ensure that I had the same opportunities permitted to me as any other student would). The long story, well you can read that here:

What do you love most about this university?
Marquette is filled not only with incredible students that make this university so special, but members of the professional and academic staff. My professors are always willing to address my questions and encourage me to critically think both within and beyond the classroom walls. They are my biggest supporters, my most constructive critics, and my go-to people when in need of professional experience advice, especially during my many “quarter life” crises. I know that on any given day, I can turn to them to review a campaign, critique my writing and resumes, or just meet for coffee and chat about life.

Favorite spot in Milwaukee?
OH MY GOSH THERE ARE SO MANY! I absolutely love this city and all it has to offer. Milwaukee is a city of hidden gems and I love going on my little urban explorations. I suppose if I had to choose one, it would be the Oriental Theater. I love how beautiful and majestic it is. There is so much history embedded within the old 20’s/30’s architecture. I love how it is filled with such regal decor and endless charm. It makes seeing a movie there a whole other experience in comparison to your standard theater. Plus, they have great student prices, the best popcorn, and an assortment of limited release indie films.

What is one place families visiting campus HAVE to see before leaving for home?
I would be that tour guide that would plan a 12-24 hour stay easily for families, but if they only had a few hours left in the city I would first suggest driving over to the east side of town. Grab a slice of mac and cheese pizza from Ian’s (just featured on Buzzfeed Food’s 18 Best Places for Pizza in America) then walk on down over to Brady Street and get a taste for the real Milwaukee buzz and vibe. There are some really unique shops and gems all throughout that area.