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Name: Ryan McDonough
School: Stonehill College
Major: Business
Minor: NA
Ryan McDonough sees the news headlines about the economy; he knows he may still face a tough job market when he graduates from Stonehill. But he’s not intimidated. He is confident that with all the career preparation he’s getting at Stonehill, his job prospects will be strong. A Business major, Ryan says he was drawn to Stonehill’s sense of community, even among the business program faculty and students, in comparison with the “cutthroat” impression he got from other schools. “We help each other out to get ahead,” he says. Equally impressive was the variety of real-world experience among faculty. As Ryan discovered in his very first business class with Professor Richard Gariepy, faculty bring firsthand understanding of financial markets and business strategy to Stonehill’s classrooms. “On the first day of that class, the professor sat down and said, ‘You may not know me, but I’m the one who invented the Common App,’” says Ryan. “We’d all just used the Common App to get into Stonehill – so being in the presence of its inventor was awe-inspiring.”

Both in and out of the classroom, Stonehill’s Career Services Office also gives Ryan reasons to feel confident about his future. From dropping in on business classes to help students create a resume, to meeting one-on-one to identify study abroad and internship opportunities and create cover letters, Career Services is there when students need career advice. And career fairs sponsored by Stonehill bring companies like EMC Corp. and PricewaterhouseCoopers right to campus. Ryan has already begun to enhance his resume through an internship as a bid analyst at W.B. Mason this summer. “I’m very confident I can get a job after I leave Stonehill because of our Career Services,” he says. “They show you how to takeadvantage of the opportunities in front of you.”