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Financial aid and scholarships:


Scholarships are awarded by universities and colleges, but may also be available from foundations, religious organizations, community organizations and civic groups. Look into these options after exploring government-based and college-based aid. College financial aid officers, high school guidance offices or your public library are the best sources for information about aid of this type. Also, check with your parents' employers to see if they award scholarships or have a tuition payment plan.

Criteria for receiving scholarships – oftentimes based on academic, athletic, artistic or other abilities – vary by institution. Check with universities or colleges to which you are applying for their application process and deadlines. Athletic scholarships often have strict policies associated with them, and tryouts or portfolios may be required as part of an application for any artistic scholarships.

Scholarships through National CCAA member institutions

Many of the National CCAA member institutions offer scholarships for incoming and continuing students attending their institutions. Visit their websites to learn more about scholarship opportunities through individual colleges and universities.

A note about scholarship search services

Do not pay for a service that will help you find free money for college. Your high school may provide a free scholarship search service, and there are plenty of free services available on the Internet. These services usually provide a list of sources of private and other financial aid; contact these organizations to request their applications.

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