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Why Catholic higher education:

Academic excellence

Catholic colleges and universities are renowned for their academic excellence. Many are formidable intellectual centers where a full range of disciplinary majors, professions, and careers are supported and pursued. The tradition of higher education is intrinsically woven into the history of the Catholic tradition, with many of the first universities connected to monasteries. In short, we have perfected this craft over many years.

Catholic colleges and universities in the United States are among the world's most prestigious learning institutions. Many Catholic institutions are cited again and again in college rankings featured in U.S. News & World Report, Barron's, Time and Money magazines. 

Catholic education is synonymous with critical thinking, evaluating the challenges our society faces and bringing intelligence, practicality and ethics to the issue of problem solving. Catholic colleges and universities achieve academic excellence because they foster creativity and independence in their students. As a result, you’ll discover and develop gifts that can help you make the greatest contributions to improving society.

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