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Why Catholic higher education:

Developing faith in a values-oriented environment

You’ll find that Catholic colleges and universities offer a strong foundation for growing in faith, regardless of your tradition. Catholic colleges and universities provide environments that foster faith development for students coming from all faith traditions. Catholic students can choose from numerous opportunities for fellowship and worship through organizations, regular Mass offerings, and retreats. Students with no faith tradition will find a welcoming and accepting community.

This richness of perspectives on Catholic college campuses contributes to a powerful learning environment. It also develops graduates who can speak respectfully and knowledgably with people from faiths different than their own.

Because of this continuing conversation about faith and ethics, you will be ready to reflect on modern society from a values-oriented perspective. A values-oriented education is what distinguishes Catholic colleges and universities from many of the other options available to you. And that is what shapes today's students into tomorrow's leaders – ethical decision makers, committed individuals, and fully prepared respondents meeting society's increasing challenges.

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