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Why Catholic higher education?

Whether you are a faithful practitioner of the Catholic tradition or have no affiliation with the tradition, you will find Catholic higher education to be a unique path that delivers academic excellence, prepares students to become leaders, and explores today’s professional responsibilities while incorporating personal responsibility for ethical behavior and social justice.

Values That Matter, a 2006 and 2012 National CCAA study of Catholic college and university alumni found that 92 percent of alumni believe their Catholic higher education was a good investment. We think you’ll agree.

Click here for a helpful infographic highlighting stats about the value of Catholic higher education, produced by the National CCAA and our partner organization, the Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities (ACCU). 

Here are just a few reasons why Catholic higher education may be the best choice for you:

Join a long tradition of academic excellence.

Catholic colleges and universities are universally renowned for their academic excellence and are among the world's most prestigious learning institutions. Read more >>

Benefit from a complete learning environment focused on the whole person.

Catholic colleges and universities provide a challenging and supportive academic and social environment for the students they enroll, recognizing that what happens inside the classroom and outside the classroom are intrinsically linked. Read more >>

Develop your faith in a values-oriented environment.

Catholic colleges and universities provide environments that foster faith development and growth for students coming from all faith traditions and no faith tradition. Read more >> 

Listen to the call to serve for social justice.

Education for action and service is woven into the core of academics and co-curricular programs at Catholic universities and colleges. Students are educated on issues of social justice and how to use their talents and gifts to enact change. Read more >>

Choose from a diverse range of options.

Catholic colleges and universities in the United States are extremely diverse, with each institution offering distinctive strengths. The options vary in size, location, and academic, athletic and social offerings. Read more >>