Featured student: Ann Elming

Ann Elming
Name: Ann Elming
School: Creighton University
Hometown: Redondo Beach, CA
Major: Psychology
A 2019 graduate of Bishop Montgomery High School in Torrance, California, Ann attends Creighton University. Her family's history played a part in her decision to enroll. She shared, "I decided on choosing to attend Creighton University because many members of my family attended for both undergraduate and graduate school. I am excited about being an active part of student life and trying out for the Division 1 tennis team."

As a student at Creighton, Ann will major in psychology. After finishing her undergraduate program, her plan is to apply to Creighton's dental school. She is also looking forward to becoming involved in many of Creighton's student organizations as a member of campus.  

We asked Ann:

What aspect of your college/university are you most excited about?
I am most excited about living in a new state and experiencing the fall and winter weather. I am also very excited about making close friends through classes, tennis, and other fun activities.

What one tip would you share with soon-to-be high school seniors who are approaching the application process this fall?
Don’t procrastinate! Use the valuable summer break to begin drafting your essays and [deciding] how you want to present yourself. It is also a good chance to become more involved and join various volunteer groups.

What is one tip you would share with students and parents as they visit college campuses?
As you walk the halls of the campus, try to envision yourself as a student attending college there and see how you react to that. Put yourself in the position of "future you" being a student there. For parents, I would say be as encouraging as possible, as it will make the [decision-making] process less stressful for the student.

What is one fun fact about you?
I have won several Hula-Hoop contests!