Featured student: Teresa Marsh

Teresa Marsh
Name: Teresa Marsh
School: Alvernia University
Hometown: Morganville, NJ
Major: Communications
Teresa, a 2019 graduate of Colts Neck High School, attends Alvernia University. She says that her campus visit is what helped her decide to enroll.

"I made this decision because, once I visited the school, I completely fell in love with everything about it," says Teresa. "I felt at home on the campus, and my major was offered. I also had the opportunity to play basketball there."

At Alvernia, Teresa will major in communications, with future plans of working in human resources. She said, "I would love to share my ideas and work collaboratively with my coworkers."

We asked Teresa:

What was your favorite class in high school?
My favorite class in high school was during senior year. The class was called Advanced Algebra and Trigonometry. Normally I am not the type of person to favor math. (At all.) But this teacher was the most helpful and caring teacher I have ever met. It made me look forward to going to a math class, which I never thought I would say. 

What one tip would you share with soon-to-be high school seniors who are approaching the application process this fall?
Enjoy every second because, just like everyone says, it does go by fast. Make sure to keep a healthy balance with school, friends, athletics, and family. 

What is one tip you would share with students and parents as they visit college campuses?
Keep an open mind. You may come into the process thinking you want one thing, but a lot of the time you will change your opinion. This specifically goes for a major. 

What is one fun fact about you?
I enjoy playing the ukulele!