Featured student: Ava LeJeune

Ava LeJeune
Name: Ava LeJeune
School: University of Dallas
Hometown: Church Point, LA
Major: Politics and History
A 2021 graduate of John Paul the Great Academy in Lafayette, Louisiana, Ava will attend University of Dallas. Ava shared that many factors influenced her decision to enroll.

"I chose the University of Dallas for its rich, authentic Catholicism above all. I searched for a school that truly aimed to create a community that focused itself on Christ, and UD is most definitely home to those ideals. The classical roots were also a wonderful plus— I am so excited to journey through the Core Curriculum," she said.

Ava will pursue majors in Politics and History at University of Dallas. Within these majors, she plans "on using my passion for Politics, History and Catholicism to eventually influence legislators by becoming a Policy Analyst. I want to fight for the Church’s mission to safeguard human dignity and promote the common good in the political realm."

We asked Ava:

What aspect of your college/university are you most excited about?
I am most excited about studying the Classics through UD’s Core Curriculum. I went to a classical high school and it made me so grateful for the gift of education, which I know UD will continue to foster. Studying the Classics truly revealed my own humanity to myself and drew me closer to the person of Christ.

What are your hobbies?
I enjoy reading, debating, playing piano, kayaking and babysitting!

We know the last year and a half of your high school career has been different than what you imagined it would be; what is one positive thing that came out of the experience?
Experiencing schooling during the pandemic made me much more grateful for the gift of community.

What one tip about the college application process would you share with seniors or their parents?
Begin your college application process as soon as possible. I was able to enjoy my senior year so much because I was not burdened by the hassle and worries of trying to study and complete applications. Getting it done early on gave me more time to reflect and pray about which college was best for me.