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Financial aid and scholarships

Deciding to attend a Catholic college or university is deciding to make an important investment in your future. As a student of Catholic higher education, you join a long tradition of academic excellence that will prepare you for personal and professional success. You will have unique opportunities for faith development, and you will learn how to use your talents and gifts to serve others, developing essential leadership skills along the way.

Like any long-term investment, it is important to research the value of Catholic education while discovering ways to make your investment more cost efficient. Taking the time to understand financial aid, including the different types of aid and where to find financial resources, can be beneficial and worthwhile since the responsibility for paying for college rests with the student and/or family.

College financial aid offices are the best sources of information about the various types of aid and will supply you with many of the application forms. The financial aid administrator can tell you about student aid available from the federal government, your state government, the college itself and other sources. Talk to the college about financial aid early in your senior year of high school.

Federal and state governments, colleges, and private organizations all sponsor student aid programs. Contact each institution you’re considering to determine the types of financial aid available and the average cost of attendance.

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The National CCAA has partnered with iGrad to offer additional resources that will improve your financial literacy, specifically when it comes to paying for higher education. iGrad's tools will educate you on the many aspects of financial aid and guide you towards healthy personal finance.  

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