Featured student: Jacqueline Martinez

Jacqueline Martinez
Name: Jacqueline Martinez
School: Chaminade University of Honolulu
Hometown: Hagatna, Guam
Major: Psychology
A 2019 graduate of The Academy of Our Lady of Guam, Jackie attends Chaminade University of Honolulu. Many factors went into her final decision. She shared that she ultimately chose Chaminade "because I was looking for a college that would allow me to feel at home, as well as work to actively cultivate both my academic and spiritual growth."

At Chaminade, Jackie will major in psychology in order to help her achieve her future plans of enrolling in medical school to pursue a career as a pediatric psychologist.

We asked Jackie:

What aspect of your college/university are you most excited about?
The aspect of my university that I am most excited about is the diversity among the students. I attended an all-girls high school with a predominately local student body, so being in a co-ed environment with people of many different races and ethnicities will be a relatively new experience for me. 

What are your hobbies?
My favorite hobbies are outrigger paddling, painting, snorkeling, and practicing my photography/videography. 

What one tip would you share with soon-to-be high school seniors who are approaching the application process this fall?
Ensure that you maintain a balance between your current school situation and your upcoming college situation. It is extremely simple to let the stress of college consume you, or to let the joys of senior year distract you from thinking ahead. If you keep both of those priorities on an equal scale, moving through both of them will be much easier.