Featured student: Zachary Lo

Zachary Lo
Name: Zachary Lo
School: Santa Clara University
Hometown: Vancouver, Canada
Major: Business Accounting
A 2023 graduate of St. George's High School in Vancouver, Zachary will attend Santa Clara University. Multiple factors influenced Zachary's decision to enroll, including SCU's location and size. 

"I chose Santa Clara University because of the teacher to student ratio being so low. I love how it is in the heart of Silicon Valley and has a great string of connections and opportunities. However, most importantly I wanted to attend a school that was in line with my Christian values. "he shared.

At Santa Clara University, Zachary will pursue a major in Business Accounting. 

We asked Zachary:

Why did you choose to attend a Catholic college/university?
This school is about is about educating the whole person—mind, body, and soul—and preparing students to create a more just, humane, and sustainable world. I wanted the university I attend to prepare me to launch me into the working world as well as strengthen my faith and values. I believe that a Jesuit College will have systemic values and the teachers that believe in this Jesuit Belief which is what I'm looking forward to see in my classes.

What aspect of your college/university are you most excited about?
Meeting new friends and joining various of clubs.

What advice would you share with with soon-to-be high school seniors as they begin their senior year in the fall?
Enjoy high school as it will go by very quickly. Enjoy the stress of applying to college and writing your applications. Enjoy hanging out with friends and taking advantage of building your network as this is your last year in high school.

What is one fun fact about you?
I've been to over 20 countries!