Featured student: Anthony Darling

Anthony Darling
Name: Anthony Darling
School: Le Moyne College
Hometown: Syracuse, NY
Major: Criminology
A 2023 National CCAA Transfer Scholarship recipient, Anthony will attend Le Moyne College. He shared that many factors went into his decision to enroll, "it had the right atmosphere I was looking for. Smaller class sizes was a big factor in my decision making."

Anthony previously attended Onondaga Community College and at Le Moyne, he will pursue a Criminology major. He shared his plans for after graduation, "I plan to rejoin the Army as an officer or work as a police officer in in my local community."

We asked Anthony:

Why did you choose to attend a Catholic college/university?
I believe that attending a Catholic college will give me a more balanced education where I can learn the affects of religion in the development of societies and personal morals. 

What aspect of your college/university are you most excited about?
The ability to learn and grow as a student. 

What one tip about the transfer process would you share with future transfer students?
Don't wait until the last minute. Getting your information sent in earlier pays off. 

What advice would you share with students who are considering transferring?
Ensure that all of your college credits transfer so you don't have to retake classes. 

What is one fun fact about you?
I'm half Panamanian.