Featured student: DeAnna Capaldi

DeAnna Capaldi
Name: DeAnna Capaldi
School: Saint Joseph's University
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
Major: Neuroscience
DeAnna, a 2023 graduate of Ss. John Neumann and Maria Goretti High School in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, will attend Saint Joseph's University. She shared that she chose to enroll at Saint Joe's because "The atmosphere at SJU was unlike another other and it was everything I could have ever wanted all in one place. The morale of the students was extremely uplifting and the way students are involved in the community inspired me."

At Saint Joseph's University, DeAnna will major in Neuroscience. When asked about her future plans, she shared, "I plan to attend medical school after my undergraduate years to study neurology with intentions to become a neurologist in order to help people who have suffered from brain injury and defects. One specific aspect I would like to be involved in during my career is researching the long term affect of drugs and alcohol on brain function and anatomy."

We asked DeAnna:

Why did you choose to attend a Catholic college/university?
I chose to attend a Catholic university to continue my 13 years of prior catholic education as well as to continue to grow spiritually. The past few years have been extremely tough for me and I have really relied on my spirituality to keep pushing through. The environment at the catholic universities I considered gave me a special feeling that I did not receive at other non-religious universities.

What aspect of your college/university are you most excited about?
The amount of opportunities that will be available to me through SJU really excites me. I am eager to experience specific classes for the topics that are interesting to me taught by professors who have such intelligence and experience in this field.
What one tip about the college application process would you share with seniors or their parents?
Never pass up an opportunity to explore a new school / never judge a school by its cover because it might just be the university you would be most happy at.

What is one fun fact about you?
I can do a back flip.